• Focus On Accessibility 20 – 24 Feb

    During the Week beginning 20th Feb, we will be running a week of events to help support our teaching community develop their understanding around accessibility requirements and the skills to create more accessible content.

  • ABC Design Workshops: An update

    In summer 2020, we ran a number of ABC workshops for staff, we built “Blend Your Module” on LearningX – and we generally worked with staff to support them as they rebuilt their modules to work for blended learning, a blend that was pretty unpredictable heading into the winter of…

  • Make your Module accessible

    19th May 2022 is this years “Global Accessibility Awareness Day“. CTIL are organising some drop in sessions and workshops from Monday 16th to help staff ensure their Module Materials are accessible to all students.

  • Tip of the Week: Adding alt text to images in Powerpoint 2016

    While we tend to think of alt text as just a web-related issue, it’s also very important to ensure that there are text alternatives to images in Powerpoint, if they present additional information.  It’s possible to add alt text to images in Powerpoint 2016? Insert an image right click, and…

  • Webinars from Blackboard

    Blackboard (the software powering My Dundee) run webinars covering a range of items of interest to users. In the past, these tended to be aimed at support teams, however, they have now started to run some aimed at those who work directly with the learners. There are 2 series that…