Turnitin iOS app (for staff) – UPDATED

Note: This just covers the app for staff, there is not currently a student app. 

Existing iPad app users.

IMPORTANT: Before updating the app, ensure that you have synced all papers that are on the iPad. 

If you are already a user of the app, and have added one or more My Dundee modules to your ‘Class List’ in the app, you can continue to mark submissions on those modules without updating the app (for the time being)

However you will need to update to the new version before you can mark work submitted to any other Blackboard courses.

What’s new?

The main difference is how you add new modules to the app – and it’s easier than it used to be. We have more information on adding modules to the app on our Help site. The other difference is that it now works on iPhones and iPods – though you would probably not want to use it on such a small screen!

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