• Turnitin iOS app (for staff) – UPDATED

    IMPORTANT: Before updating the app, ensure that you have synced all papers that are on the iPad.

    If you are already a user of the app, and have added one or more My Dundee modules to your ‘Class List’ in the app, you can continue to mark submissions on those modules without updating the app (for the time being)

  • Using the iOS app for marking.

    Turnitin have an iOS app, allowing you to mark offline. This was updated (March 15th) – and now has a different (easier) way to add modules from my Dundee. [Note: Turnitin does not have Android / Windows / Mac apps] [Updated again on April 16th] If you have un-synced papers…

  • Third Party Cookies

    Certain features in My Dundee, such as Turnitin or Campus Pack require the users’ browsers to be set to accept third-party cookies in order to maintain functionality.  A cookie is a small file sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer while the user is browsing. They are used…