• Hybrid Update #10.5

    A quick update this evening. The fabulous Jonathan Walker (Staff) and our install partners, Streamtec, have completed the weekend work updating rooms ready for tomorrow.  I’m pleased to say that we have now upgraded 23 teaching rooms and three lecture theatres to the Dual-Mode design. You can find the full updated…

  • How to use Dual-Mode

    Dual-Mode is a new design standard for our Hybrid Teaching Spaces. It’s designed to be intuitive to use while offering an powerful range of capabilities to the academic community. Below you can find a printable quick guide and our walkthrough video to help you on your way. Walkthrough Video Printable…

  • Hybrid Update #10: What to expect next week

    An enormous amount of effort is happening in the background to meet our previously revised target of having 22 Dual-Mode rooms ready for next week, with the remaining 28 upgraded by the end of January. In today’s post, I want to give you a quick progress update, let you know what to do if you are booked into a Hybrid Teaching Space in the next few weeks and link to our new room tracking page so you can keep track of our progress.

  • Book a Hands-on Session

    Dual-Mode setup. You can choose between a staffed or un-staffed session depending on whether you want someone in the room to help guide you through the process. This is the very best way to prepare for teaching in a Dual-Mode room as you can come alone or as a group and run through the system until you’re comfortable.

  • Read the latest updates

    You can view all of our posts on Hybrid Teaching Spaces project here.

  • Hybrid Update #9: Dual-Mode for Sem 2

    mester 2 just over a week away, I want to be clear and open with where we are with the roll out of Dual-Mode in this post. The bottom line is that we will be unable to meet our target of upgrading the full 50 rooms in time for the 17 January. We have revised our target to deliver 22 rooms, with the rest being commissioned before the end of January. Working with Timetabling, we’ll make every effort to ensure ongoing work does not interfere with teaching, including weekend and evening work. Note that the existing Capture & Stream infrastructure will remain in place until a room is upgraded and commissioned.

  • My Dundee Issue: 404 Error

    Update (23/11/21): We have had anecdotal reports from users of this issue occurring in multiple browsers. If this issue occurs in a browser other than Edge, please take a screenshot of your full screen, note the browser and version number and send this to Help4U. This step is vital to…

  • Hybrid Update #8.5

    In case you missed our Hybrid Update #8, we’re pleased to confirm that the next phase of the Hybrid Teaching Spaces project is on track for the start of Semester 2. In addition, we can now confirm details of how and when you can book some instruction and hands-on time…

  • Hybrid Update #8: Dual-Mode rollout schedule

    This update is a big one as we’re ready to share our Dual-Mode roll out plan for hybrid teaching and give you a heads up about the upcoming onboarding opportunities that will help you get comfortable with the new facilities.

  • Hybrid Update #7: Dual Mode Pending & Student Feedback

    It’s feeling a bit too long since our last update so apologies for the gap. Today I’d like to give a brief update about where we are with Dual Mode installations and share more of the feedback we’re getting from students both from a technical and teaching perspective. Look out…