Archival of YuJa Content – Important Notice

Previously, this post said that the archival process would begin on the Friday, 7th November. This should have read Friday, 10th November. It has now been amended.

In early August, we communicated our intentions to purge older and unused video content from YuJa, a necessary step towards managing our escalating storage demands. A technical hitch caused us a slight delay, but we are now positioned to commence the archiving process on Friday, 10th November, at 9am. We urge you to read the following information carefully to determine if this action pertains to you and to learn if any necessary measures are required on your part to maintain access to content that is subject to archiving.

If you have already addressed the matter, no further action is required.

The original announcement detailing this procedure can be accessed here. We extend our apologies for the delay in progressing this work.

Which Video Content Will Be Archived?

Videos satisfying all the criteria below will be subject to archival:

  • Was recorded or uploaded to YuJa prior to 31st July 2021
  • and, not viewed within the last 365 days.
  • and, is owned by a staff member (please note, videos uploaded by students will not be affected)

How Can I Prevent Certain Videos from Being Archived?

Should you wish to keep specific videos from being archived, kindly tag these with the word ‘KEEP’. This tag will exempt them from the archival process.

We offer guidance on locating your videos by date added, as well as instructions on tagging your videos.

It is imperative that the tag ‘KEEP’ is used exactly as shown, without any variations. An automated system will identify videos marked with this tag; any deviation will result in the content not being recognised and thus archived.

What will happen to archived content?

On Friday, 7th November at 9am, any video that matches the specified criteria and is not safeguarded with the ‘KEEP’ tag, will be transferred to an archive. This archive will be maintained until Friday, 1st February 2024. Post this date, any remaining videos will be permanently removed.

Should you find that a video has been inadvertently archived, you may reach out to Help4U, employing the subject line “FAO CTIL – YuJa Video Retrieval” and provide exhaustive details of the video you wish to have reinstated. Regrettably, beyond the 1st February, restoration will no longer be possible, and the content will be irrevocably deleted.

What’s Next?

This initiative is part of the Integrated Video Project. By the project’s conclusion in June 2024, we will have transitioned to a new video and data retention process that standardises and automates these procedures. More information will be provided in the forthcoming months.


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