Hybrid Update #9: Dual-Mode for Sem 2

Happy New Year and I hope you’re reading this refreshed and ready for a sparkling-new 2022!

With Semester 2 just over a week away, I want to be clear and open with where we are with the roll out of Dual-Mode in this post. The bottom line is that we will be unable to meet our target of upgrading the full 50 rooms in time for the 17 January. We have revised our target to deliver 22 rooms for the 17th, with the rest being commissioned before the end of January. Working with Timetabling, we’ll make every effort to ensure ongoing work does not interfere with teaching, including weekend and evening work. Note that the existing Capture & Stream infrastructure will remain in place until a room is upgraded and commissioned.

Read on for the full details of this revised roll-out schedule along with a reminder of the onboarding opportunities available.

Refresher: What is this project?
50 Hybrid Learning Spaces were commissioned last semester using the interim Capture & Stream mode that supported limited streaming, recording and hybrid interaction in teaching activities. These rooms are being upgraded to the much more capable Dual-Mode design for Semester 2, providing a true hybrid teaching experience and other enhanced capabilities for the digital enhancement of activities.

You can see the full list of rooms designated as Hybrid Teaching Spaces here.

Book a Dual-Mode hands-on session now and be ready for the new facilities!

Original illustration by Andrew Strachen (CTIL)

Revised roll-out schedule for Dual-Mode

So, we’re going to be unable to meet our initially stated target of having all 50 Hybrid Teaching Spaces completed by the start of Sem 2 on 17 January, 2022. This is simply due to all of the challenges we’ve all been experiencing with the ongoing pandemic in the run up to Christmas. The project team met this week and have rationalised where we now are and what we can realistically promise for Semester 2.

Refresher: What is Dual-Mode again?
Dual-Mode represents a complete upgrade of a teaching room for recording, streaming and hybrid functionality. The standard spec includes: 2 x HD auto-tracking cameras, 1 x whole-room array microphone, new lectern desk, new lectern PC and a host of other new kit that will enhance the quality and experience of digitally supported teaching activities. All of this new technology is then controlled by a brand-new in room controller with a custom designed user interface intended to provide lecturers with the kind of intuitive experience that lets them focus on what matters – the teaching. Finally, Dual-Mode is also a design that will continually improve and expand in capability over time, based on the feedback and emerging requirement of the community.

Which rooms will be upgraded to Dual-Mode in time for Sem 2?

The following rooms (predominantly in Dalhousie) are on track for completion before 17 January. Most of these rooms are almost completed, requiring some finishing touches before final commissioning checks, so we have high confidence in being able to meet this revised target.

Dalhousie 1LG02 
Dalhousie 1LG04 
Dalhousie 1LG13
Dalhousie 1G05
Dalhousie 1S05
Dalhousie 1S06
Dalhousie 1S08 Music 2
Dalhousie 1S10 Music 1
Dalhousie 1S18 Clay  
Dalhousie 1S19
Dalhousie 2G12
Dalhousie 2G13
Dalhousie 2G14
Dalhousie 2F02
Dalhousie 2F03
Dalhousie 2F10
Dalhousie 2F11
Dalhousie 2F13
Dalhousie 2F14
Dalhousie 2F15
Dalhousie 2S03
Dalhousie 2S13
Dalhousie 2S14
Fulton F20
Matthew 5016
Matthew 5017
Hybrid Teaching Spaces due for completion by 17 January, 2022

When will the remaining rooms be completed?

The remaining rooms (listed below), are scheduled to be commissioned between 17 and 31 January. As teaching restarts, these final installations will be worked around existing room bookings so as not to interrupt ongoing teaching.

Dalhousie 1LG03
Dalhousie 1G06
Dalhousie 1G10
Dalhousie 1G15
Dalhousie 1F01 Env 1 
Dalhousie 1F06 Env 2
Dalhousie 1F18 Env 4 
Dalhousie 2G03
Dalhousie 2S02
Dalhousie 2S11
Dalhousie 2S12
Fulton J18
Fulton J20
Fulton H2
Harris LT
Scrymgeour 1.08
Scrymgeour 2.08
Scrymgeour 2.12
Scrymgeour 3.08
Tower Geog Jun Lab
Fife Campus Classroom 1
Fife Campus Classroom 2
Fife Campus Classroom 3
Fife Campus Classroom 4
Remaining Hybrid Teaching Spaces due for completion by 31 January, 2022

Although we have been forced to revise our timetable, I’m still very happy with the project progress and confident that hybrid teaching can continue un-interrupted in Sem 2. This is a huge exercise being executed by a relatively small number of people, both in the university and our AV partners, StreamTec.


Hands-On Sessions

The Eduzone continues to be available for hands-on sessions:

You can book a 30 minute slot in the Eduzone (Main Library) to try out and get used to the Dual-Mode setup. You can choose between a staffed or un-staffed session depending on whether you want someone in the room to help guide you through the process. This is the very best way to prepare for teaching in a Dual-Mode room as you can come alone or as a group and run through the system until you’re comfortable.

We’ve had great feedback from those who have already tried the new functionality, some of which has already been integrated back into the design. We’ve had a lot of re-assuring comments about how intuitive the controls are, so please do book a session and come give it a try.

Documentation and Walkthrough Video

This is another part of the plan that has been affected by the pandemic and we are still working on getting the formal documentation and experience video published. These will be with you next week and will be included in the next update.

Saying that, hands-on sessions remain the best way to experience and prepare for the Dual-Mode upgrades.

Next Communication

There will be another update coming out next Friday (14 January, 2022) that will detail where we are for the start of Semester. Subscribe to this blog or keep an eye on the Education and Student Experience Teams area. As always let me know any questions you have below, by email or through Teams.


  1. When one room is done in Kirkcaldy, can a session be organised to show the staff there, as they don’t get to the city campus.

    1. Hi John. Sorry for the delayed reply. Yes, i think we can arrange that. I’ll keep an eye on the upgrade schedule and get in touch when we’re ready to go.

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