Lecture Capture (22/23) #2: Draft Workflow

A little behind schedule due to Covid finally catching up to me, i’m pleased to publish the initial draft workflow for how lecture capture will be done in the new academic year. This is also a call for any lecturers willing and able to look over, test out and comment on the workflow to help us refine the process and write clear, concise guides ready for the formal launch of the service. Read on for more details.

If you missed our previous post, detailing the project, you can catch up here.



We’ve detailed the workflow in Padlet so that you can follow the steps, adding any comments you have as you go. Ideally, if on campus, you can find an empty teaching room to try this in, but you can simulate the process on any computer by installing the YuJa software manually (note that all lectern and classroom PCs have YuJa already installed). The software can be downloaded from video.dundee.ac.uk (instructions are in the Padlet).

Please feel free to leave any suggestions, point out any issues, Let us know about some elements of your teaching practice we’re missing, or anything else that can help us produce a better workflow and more useful guidance when we come to write the workflow up formally.

Click the button bellow to access the Padlet now:

Volunteer for the working group

Given how tired and busy everyone is, this is a long shot, but if you’d be willing to talk to us further about this process, please let me know by messaging me through Teams or commenting at the end of the Padlet. We’d like a small number of people who’d be happy to come into one of the rooms and test out the process, letting us observe regular people trying to make sense of the workflow, talking through the challenges as they arise. We’re talking an hour at most in the next few weeks.

What’s next?

Between the above Padlet and other extensive testing and tweaking, we’ll mainly be working on developing the workflow and producing the most concise, easy to follow workflow we can, producing guides and training plans that will be launched in August. As ever, please let us know in the comments or in Teams if you have any questions.

Hope you’re having a good summer and see you next time.

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