Removal of recordings in YuJa 

Removal of recordings in YuJa 

Over the past few years, we have spoken about how we will be removing older recordings. This is for two main reasons – the first and most timely is that we need to reduce our overall storage footprint. The second is to set up and implement a regular retention policy for videos held in YuJa to align with the university’s policy on the retention of teaching assets.

On 19 September, 2023, we are going to remove all staff recordings in YuJa that were created/added by staff before 31/07/2021, were not viewed in the past year (between 01/08/2022 and 31/07/2023), and which have not been tagged as “KEEP”. 

As part of the Integrated Video Project, there will be policies developed and deployed which will state a regular retention period. 

Student recordings will not be part of this removal process, so any videos created or stored in YuJa as part of assessments should not be impacted. 

What is happening? 

  • On September 29, all recordings held in YuJa that meet the following criteria will be archived for 6 months. After six months, if there were no requests to restore the videos, they will be permanently deleted. 
  • Criterion 1: Recorded or added to YuJa before 31/07/2021 
  • Criterion 2: Has not been viewed within the last 365 days.
  • Criterion 3: There is not a KEEP tag on the video 
  • Criterion 4: The video is owned by a member of staff (not a student – no student videos will be deleted) 
  • You will have approximately two months from this announcement (31 July) to check your videos and tag any that you would like to keep.  
  • We will keep an archive of the videos for a further four months (until January 31, 2024). After this date, the videos will be permanently deleted from the archive storage, meaning that they will no longer be retrievable. 

Will this affect me? 

We expect that the majority of videos that are older than two years and have not been viewed in the last year are not intended for long-term re-use. However, we understand that there may be cases where videos may need to be kept for longer even if they have not been viewed for a year.  

For those cases, you can tag your videos with the word KEEP to ensure that they will not be removed during this process. We have a guide on how to find your videos based on the date added, and another on how to add tags to videos.  

Note that it is extremely important that you use the word KEEP exactly with no variation. An automated process will find the videos with the KEEP tag, so it will not find any other word or phrase.  

What if something is missing that I need? 

We will be keeping an archive of the videos for four months (until 31 January, 2024) after the files are removed from YuJA. If you spot that there is a video missing that you need after 289 September, 2023 but before 31 January, 2024 you can contact Help4U with the subject line “FAO CTIL – YuJa video retrieval” and include as many details as possible about the video you would like restored.  

Why is this being done? 

This is being actioned due to storage costs that must be kept under control and to begin the move to a consistent storage policy for teaching assets. 

Annual process 

This data archival and removal work is part of an on-going annual process. We will update the university community of any changes, but you can expect this process to happen yearly although we will provide more details once details of this annual process have been finalised. 

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Help4U with the subject line “FAO CTIL – YuJa video retention”. 

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