#5 Video Recording 1: PowerPoint

1. Preparing your YuJa Video Channel

To create a YuJa channel, go into your module, find where you want to put the channel, click on the plus sign and select Content & Tools

Image of adding a YuJa channel

From the list of providers, go to YuJa: Channel and click the small plus sign in the corner. 

Click on edit in the three dots at the side to change the link name, add a description or allow class conversations. 

You can see this in action from around 05.30 – 13.30. 

2. Recording your PowerPoint

From within your pre-created PowerPoint presentation, go to the Slide Show tab and select Record Slide Show.Select Record Slide Show

In the top left-hand corner there is a big record button, and settings for the microphone in the top right. You can use these settings to choose your microphone and camera inputs. Generally we do not recommend using the laptop’s microphone, but rather that you use a headset (you can request one from IT).

In bottom right-hand corner, there is an option for ‘turn camera on’ – this would put up a video of you in the bottom right-hand corner so students can see you as you walk through the PPT presentation (this is important for lip reading, etc.). 

How to record powerpoint

When you are ready to start recording, click the Record button. You will get a 3…2…1 warning, and then it starts recording. 

You can then click through your slides as usual using the arrows on each side. There is a pause button which you can use to pause recording when needed. You can use the pencil, highlighter and eraser icon to mark on the PowerPoint as you record it. To restart your recording at any point by clicking on the large X in the top menu. 

Once you are happy with your recording, click the small x to go back to the normal editing view. 

You can see that there is a recording attached to your slide if there is a speaker icon in the bottom right-hand corner. 

To export your video, go into File, then go into Export and choose Create a Video. You have drop-down boxes to determine the quality of the video (we recommend you leave this as the FullHD setting). You can also configure the amount of seconds spent on each slide (note: if you have recorded narration over your video, the recording will not move on until all speaking for this slide has completed, regardless of the timings set for each video). 

Click Create Video and save your video to your desired location. 

Image of how to save powerpoint recording

You can view this in action from around 13.40 – 25.00. 

3. Adding your Video to YuJa

Go into your module and click into the YuJa channel you want to upload your video into. 

You can use the drag and drop feature to upload your video. Alternatively, you can select Upload from the top of the screen and click Browse to select a video file from your computer. 

Hover over your video and click more for more options including sharing links, creating quizzes, retitling your video, etc.

You can see this in action from around 31.00 – 37.00. 

For a more detailed guide on YuJa, please refer to the training materials for Session 12: YuJa


Updated on 09/09/2022

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