#8 Using Turnitin in Ultra

Recorded 24/07/2020

This guide covers only how to add Turnitin assignments in Ultra and any changes in Turnitin in Ultra. It does not provide details for the Feedback Studio, or features that have not changed from Original modules.

1. Create a Turnitin Assignment

To create a Turnitin assignment in Ultra, go into your module and click on the purple plus sign that appears when you hover between your content items. Select Content and Tools from the dropdown menu. Image of adding Content and Tools

Select Turnitin: Create assignment in Ultra from the list of options. 

Once Turnitin loads, you’ll be able to add a title, instructions and maximum grade to your assignment. If you’d like the item to be peer-reviewed, you can tick the box to Enable PeerMark

Enter a Start Date (when the assignment is visible to students), Due Date (when the assignment is due) and Feedback Release Date (when grades and feedback are released to students). Image of create TII assignment

Click into Optional Settings to see more options for your assignment. 

Image of optional settings in create TII assignment

Within Submission settings you can select where papers are submitted to, allow late submissions, enable anonymous marking and attach a rubric.

Allowing submissions of any file type allows students to upload scanned documents, image files, etc. Typically, this would be used for items that you’re not interested in getting a similarity report for. Please note that you can use Blackboard assignments for submissions that do not need a similarity report. 

The Compare against section allows you to select what you would like the similarity report to compare submissions to. 

Within the Similarity Report area you can configure the similarity reports. We strongly recommend that you allow students to view their own similarity reports. 

Click Submit to create your assignment. 

You can view this in action in the video above from about 1:30-4:00.

2. Viewing Submissions

To view submissions, click into the assignment and you will be taken to the assignment inbox. 

Along the top left-hand corner, you can search for a student using the search bar, use the drop-down menu to search for groups of students (both named and anonymous) and use the ‘Submit on behalf of a student’ search box to upload an assignment for one of your students (this is covered in Section 2.2 of this guide). 

You can download all submissions in bulk by clicking the Download All button, or, to download a selection of submission, tick the box to the left of student’s names and click Download Selected

Within the main area of the assignment inbox you will see a list of the students within the module (unless anonymous marking is enabled), the title of the submitted papers along with the Paper ID numbers, and the timestamp of when items have been added (Uploaded). After the feedback has been released, you can see if students have viewed their feedback. Click into the pencil icon (highlighted in the image below) to add a grade and feedback to the assignment. The Similarity score is also shown here. Image of assignment inbox

You can view this in action from about 09:00-10:00.

2.1 Viewing Anonymous Submissions

When a student uploads an anonymous submission, a button appears in the ‘author’ column. Click on this and add some text (more than 5 characters), and click enter to reveal the student name. Students have to submit before you can reveal their names. Once a name has been revealed, it is visible to all instructors and it cannot be hidden again.Image of anonymous assignment with submissions

You can view this in action from 16:00 – 18:30. 

2.2 Uploading on Behalf of a Student

There are two ways to upload a submission on behalf of a student. Firstly, you can click on the three dots that correlate to the student in question and select Upload. Secondly, you can use the Submit on behalf of student search bar and select your student. A pop-up will appear asking if you want to proceed. Click Continue. 

image of uploading assignment on behalf of a student

Choose file or use the drag-and-drop feature to upload a student’s work. Click Upload and Review

Review or Preview Submission. Click Submit to Turnitin

A submission will now appear beside your student’s name (as long as anonymous marking is not enabled). 

You can view this is action from 10:00 – 12:30.

3. Additional Information

You can’t go into Turnitin with Student Preview. This is because Turnitin is a different company, and they store their data so that each course records your role (instructor) with your email, and bars you from holding multiple roles. As you’re already in the course as an instructor, it gives you an error message if you try to use your same email to simultaneously be a student.

If you set the grade with 23 points, and then change the grading from ‘points’ to ’23 to Alphanumeric’ it automatically changes the points from 23 to 100 and doesn’t let you change this. Our recommendation is to leave it at 23 and points, and link your students to the UoD Alphanumeric conversion page if they need it.


Updated on 09/09/2022

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