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Assigning alphanumeric grades for Turnitin assessments

What is it?

You can assign 23 to Alphanumeric grades to Turnitin assignments, but this takes a few more steps than if you use the default marking schema which shows students their point score.

What does it do?

This guide will show you how to use the 23 to Alphanumeric marking schema after you have set up your Turnitin assessment.

Note that the grades will appear as number values in Turnitin, and will only have the Alphanumeric conversion applied when the marks are in Blackboard’s Gradebook after the feedback release date has passed.

What should I know?

Please note that this guide is for those using the 23 to Alphanumeric marking schema. If you are using the Percentage to Alphanumeric schema (as is used in SSEN), you should not use this guide.

Step 1: Go into your module and find the Turnitin assessment, but do not click on it. Instead, click on the three dots next to the item and click Edit.

Step 2: In the side panel that will appear, change the drop-down menu next to Mark Using to select 23 to Alphanumeric and click Save.

Note: The next two steps may seem redundant as you will have set your points when you created your assignment, but they are essential to making this process work. The points in Turnitin reset to 100 automatically in Step 2, so you must complete steps 3 and 4.

Step 3: Open the Turnitin assessment, and click on the cog wheel in the top right-hand corner to go back into the settings for the assignment.

Step 4: You’ll see the Max grade has been changed to 100. This happens automatically when you change to the 23 to alphanumeric marking schema. Change this back to 23 and click Submit.

This will keep the marking schema as 23 to Alphanumeric and allow you to mark the assessment out of 23 total points.

Updated on 17/04/2023

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