Requesting a new module

Below is a summary of the options that are available when requesting a new module. Once you have decided which type of module you require, please complete our Module Request form with all of the required information. On completion, an e-mail will be sent to Help4U where your request will be actioned by a member of the CTIL team. If we have any queries regarding the creation of the requested module, we will contact the person(s) named in the form.

Personal sandbox

Staff who were employed before 2020 should already have a ‘Sandbox’ in their list of Modules. This will be named  in the format Your Name Ultra Sandbox, e.g. “Karen BEATTIE Ultra Sandbox”. These were created in bulk over the summer of 2020 to help prepare their modules with the then-new interface before the hybrid teaching required for 20/21.

We have since discovered how useful it is to have a sandbox, so we strongly encourage any new member of staff who does not have a sandbox to fill in a request form to get one created. Be sure to select the radial button for “Personal Sandbox”.

The sandbox sites have a core set of test student accounts enrolled so you can get used to creating and using groups, and see what tools look like with students without having to wait for your “real” module with actual students.

You are the only instructor enrolled, but you are free to enrol colleagues if you’d like. Please do not enrol any students on a sandbox module, though you are free to enrol colleagues with the student role if required.

If you do not have a ‘Sandbox’ in your list of Modules, please complete our Module Request form, and when prompted, select that you require a new ‘Personal sandbox’.

SITS module

The vast majority of SITS modules will be created during the bulk module creation process during the summer months, however, you may find that you need to add a new SITS module at the last minute. If this is the case, please complete our Module Request form, and when prompted, select that you require a new SITS module. Make sure to provide us with the SITS module code, who should be added as lead instructor on the module and which template you would like the new module created from.

Non-SITS module

These are modules that are non-credit bearing and are not directly linked to a module in SITS. They are likely to be used with a group or cohort of students in a particular academic year, with a start and end date. Enrolments on this kind of module will not come automatically from SITS, so you will need to include any details about student enrolments in your request, and we’ll advise how best to enrol students.

When completing our Module Request form, and when prompted, select that you require a new ‘Non-SITS module’. You will then be prompted to give a brief overview of your requirement for this kind of module – this is just to ensure that this is the correct format for your module.

Updated on 20/02/2023

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