The guest link vs. joining in class

What is it?

A Collaborate session can be arranged by module staff and can be accessed via a course link in the module itself. If the staff member decides to create and share a guest link, you can use this link to access the session, but it will not be attached to your UoD account.

What does it do?

Both the course link and the guest link are used to access organised Collaborate sessions but you should always join through the course link when this is available.

What should I know?

When at all possible, you should enter your sessions through the Course Link on your module page. This will link your UoD account and will be important if your instructor is monitoring attendance in the session.

The course link will be available at the designated time depending, usually this is 15 minutes before the start of the session.

Step 1: You can join an available session by navigating to the Details and Actions menu, click the Join session link and select the relevant session on the dropdown. 

Details & Actions section

Note: If you don’t see the session yet and the beginning or opening time has passed, refresh the page in the browser. 

If you are viewing a session in a module you are not enrolled in, you may have been sent a guest link. To access the session with this, simply click on the link at the time and date that the session will start. 

Updated on 13/03/2023

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