• Announcing the Integrated Video Project

    In recent years, we have made significant gains in enhancing our video capabilities to better support student learning. From lecture capture and hybrid delivery to the production of rich asynchronous video content, the university has been committed to leveraging technology to improve the learning experience. However, we acknowledge that there…

  • Change to Lecture Capture Drop-ins

    Due to a significant drop-off in the attendance of the Lecture Capture drop-ins, we will be reducing the hours of this service. From the week commencing 17 October 2022, there will only be a single weekly hour-long drop-in session. This will be held in the same place, the IT building on…

  • Lecture Capture: Lessons from Week 1

    As we come to the end of week one for most modules, we thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of the frequent questions and issues that have arisen so far with our new lecture capture workflow. These will likely end up in knowledge articles in…

  • Lecture Capture (22/23) #2: Draft Workflow

    A little behind schedule due to Covid finally catching up to me, i’m pleased to publish the initial draft workflow for how lecture capture will be done in the new academic year. This is also a call for any lecturers willing and able to look over, test out and comment…

  • Lecture Capture (22/23) #1: Project Launch

    As promised, I’m pleased to provide more information on the lecture capture service that will be implemented for 22/23. In this article you will find details of the project including the objectives, scope, and schedule. However, if you find that to be a little too much information to read through, the key information is summarised below – I won’t be offended 😉. You can bookmark this post for future reference and follow the Technology Enhanced Spaces category on our blog to keep up to date.

  • Teaching Spaces Update: From Hybrid to Lecture Capture

    Having delivered on its key objectives, the Hybrid Teaching Spaces project is drawing to a close and handing on day-to-day support of the new facilities on to UoDIT. However, this isn’t the last you’ll hear from us as we’re shifting our focus to delivering universal lecture capture, so read on for some key information about ongoing support for hybrid and what to expect from the new lecture capture project over the summer.

  • Lecture Capture and Improving Teaching Facilities

    Access to reliable and appropriately equipped teaching facilities have been an ongoing concern for the teaching community, especially as we increase our in-person activities. Something as simple as a malfunctioning visualizer or not being able to access in-room support can have a big impact on teaching activities, stressing the lecturer…

  • Hybrid Update #10.5

    A quick update this evening. The fabulous Jonathan Walker (Staff) and our install partners, Streamtec, have completed the weekend work updating rooms ready for tomorrow.  I’m pleased to say that we have now upgraded 23 teaching rooms and three lecture theatres to the Dual-Mode design. You can find the full updated…

  • Hybrid Update #10: What to expect next week

    An enormous amount of effort is happening in the background to meet our previously revised target of having 22 Dual-Mode rooms ready for next week, with the remaining 28 upgraded by the end of January. In today’s post, I want to give you a quick progress update, let you know what to do if you are booked into a Hybrid Teaching Space in the next few weeks and link to our new room tracking page so you can keep track of our progress.

  • Hybrid Update #9: Dual-Mode for Sem 2

    mester 2 just over a week away, I want to be clear and open with where we are with the roll out of Dual-Mode in this post. The bottom line is that we will be unable to meet our target of upgrading the full 50 rooms in time for the 17 January. We have revised our target to deliver 22 rooms, with the rest being commissioned before the end of January. Working with Timetabling, we’ll make every effort to ensure ongoing work does not interfere with teaching, including weekend and evening work. Note that the existing Capture & Stream infrastructure will remain in place until a room is upgraded and commissioned.