My Dundee Student Onboarding Plan

Over the past few months, we have been working to develop a timeline to release helpful hints, guides, and videos for My Dundee and related teaching tools to students when they need it.

We’ve used student feedback and data from Blackboard to help us make sure each message is released to students at the best possible time. After the beginning of term, we plan to consult with students to make sure that the message release schedule worked and find ways to make this even better in the future.

In this post, you can read about the schedule and linked videos. Each message also contains a link to a blog post that repeats this information so that students can still find help even if they miss a message!

If you are looking for resources you can provide to your students, you can view the full suite of short student-focused videos here, and you can check out the student section of our knowledge base here.

Schedule of messages:

Welcome to My Dundee (runs from 5 Sept to 2 Oct)– overview video getting students familiar with My Dundee

Running during the week before Welcome Week (12 – 18 Sept):

Running during Welcome Week (19 Sept – 25 Sept):

Running during Week 1 (26 Sept  – 2 Oct):

Running during Week 3 (10 Oct – 16 Oct):

Running during Week 4 (17 Oct – 23 Oct):

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