Resolved – Important Turnitin issue

Update (15 March 2022)

Turnitin have now resolved this issue, and the Feedback Release Date will determine when marks and feedback are released to students, as it should.

You can review Turnitin’s Status Update here.

In the new release of Blackboard which is due to go live today, 03 March 2022, there is an issue with Turnitin grades being released early.

What is it?

If you are using a non-anonymous Turnitin submission point, grades are being released immediately from the My Dundee grades page, even if you have the feedback release date set for the future.

This is not happening with anonymously marked assignments.

What can I do right now?

If possible, change the visibility of any Turnitin non-anonymous submission points to Hidden from students for any submission points where work is currently being marked.

This may mean you will need to put up a separate submission point if you are still allow submissions while you mark.

How to hide a Turnitin assignment

How to make an anonymous Turnitin assignment (you can also go into the cog wheel and use this guide to see if you assignment is anonymous)

What is being done to resolve this?

We have contacted Turnitin about this issue in order to get it resolved as soon as possible. We will update this blog page with any news when we have it.

We are fully aware of the potential impact of this in certain circumstances and are working with both Blackboard and Turnitin to find a resolution as soon as possible.

Update – 09/03/2022

Turnitin and Blackboard have confirmed this as a known issue that Turnitin will need to resolve. This is currently set as being in development by Turnitin on their known issues page.


  1. but if the grades are shown via the grades page, this workaround only prevents visibility of comments, not grades…

    1. Hi Marios,
      If you hide the Turnitin assignment (we’ve just attached the guide that shows how and where to do this), it will hide the entire item from students. They won’t see the submission point itself, and they won’t see it (or their grade for it) in the gradebook. Turnitin have also confirmed that as their recommended workaround while they work with Blackboard to resolve the issue.

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