Find the room report for your session

What is it?

If you think that the attendance from the Collaborate session has not been recorded correctly in the Attendance section, the best thing to do first is to review the session attendance settings and compare them against the room reports. 

What does it do?

Room reports are generated after every session that has a start and end time and will generate automatically after the session has ended and everyone has left the room. This may take a little while after the session has ended and all users have left the room to be created, so please be patient.

What should I know?

Step 1: To view these, go into the three dots next to Blackboard Collaborate and select View room report. You’ll need to change the filter from ‘All upcoming sessions’ to ‘All previous sessions.

Screenshot of the Collaborate Manage Sessions tab open. The three dots next to a session have been clicked and there is a circle around them. The resulting menu is open, and there is a circle around the item for 'view reports.'

Step 2: Find the appropriate session and click on the three dots to the right of the session’s title and start/end time and click on View room reports. This will open a window and you’ll see the room reports available.

Step 3: To select one, click on the link for View room report. This page will show you every user who entered the room, what their role was, when they entered and left (and if they had to join the session multiple times), as well as their total time spent in the session.

Screenshot of the reports area in Collaborate. There is a circle around the link to 'view report.'

Step 4: You can compare the enter time with the Absent after settings you’d used, and the total time against the Required time in session settings that you’d used. You can also download this information as a spreadsheet. 

If you are using Collaborate to record attendance for a subset of your students, e.g., a tutorial group, note that an automatic email will be sent to all your students if they are absent from that session. To avoid this issue, we recommend that you don’t use the standard procedure for attendance recording, but rather use the room report.

Updated on 01/03/2022

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