Reviewing analytics in Ally

What is it?

Blackboard Ally offers handy analytics features that reviews and highlights your documents to suggest ways you can make your documents more accessible.

What does it do?

When you upload a document, Blackboard Ally gives it an accessibility score. This feature will highlight what is affecting the score and what you can do to improve the score by suggesting simple changes you can make to your document.

What should I know?

Accessibility Scores

Step 1: There is a small, coloured meter icon next to each document you upload. Click on this to see the percentage that Ally has given for that item.

Blackboard ultra document showing the ally score for an uploaded document

Step 2: This will open a window and explain anything that needs to be fixed in the item as well as provide guidance on how to fix it. Once you have made the changes to the item on your computer, you will have the option to upload the adjusted file directly into this space to replace the old file.

Blackboard ally score details screen

Course Reports

Course reports take the individual bits of data associated to give you overall statistics for your module.

Step 1: Navigate to Content & Tools in the left-hand menu

Blackboard ultra module highlighting the content and tools section

Step 2: Select Accessibility Report. In the report, you will see a range of information and statistics, and you can also use this information to go through your content to fix any remaining issues.  

Blackboard ultra content and tools menu highlighting the Ally accessibility report option
Updated on 09/09/2021

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