• #3 – Motivation

    Motivation is one of the most important aspects of getting work done. When we’re motivated, then our work can truly be enjoyable. When we’re not motivated, however, doing even the smallest tasks can seem impossible.  

  • #2 – Long-Term Planning

    To succeed at university, you need to stay on top of your work throughout the year. While to-do lists are a great tool for short-term or daily planning, other strategies will be more effective for keeping track of the big picture. 

  • #1 – Short-Term Planning

    To get the most out of our days, planning is essential. When we don’t plan, we waste valuable brain power deciding what we should work on next. To move seamlessly from one task to another, it’s worth investing some time in creating a daily plan or to-do list. 

  • YuJa support Chrome 80 version (Mashup tool My Dundee)

    YuJa support for Chrome 80 version (“The Cookie Crumbling Update”) YuJa made several changes to accommodate the new Chrome 80 release, which introduced several breaking changes to most major third-party web applications. This all went well, however some UoD staff were experiencing problems when adding YuJa content from the mashup…

  • YuJa is now able to record internal system audio

    YuJa Update In the latest YuJa update they introduced some interesting new features. One that we think you will all find useful is the capability to record internal system audio. This can be invaluable when creating guides and walk-throughs. The additional feature also enables you to add a second audio…

  • Insert YuJa video into a Learning Spaces blog

    Embed method to insert video link to blog CampusPress (the hosts of our Learning Spaces word press blogs) lets you add a video from your YuJa video into your Learning Spaces blog. You do this by copying the embed code. Steps in YuJa Go to video.dundee.ac.uk and find the video…

  • The Herald online

    The University of Dundee now has on-campus access to The Herald, thanks to an initiative to provide free access to the heraldscotland.com website to all colleges and Universities in Scotland.

  • EBSCOhost Educational Databases

    The ICE Virtual Library, hosts all the content from the ICE publishing division of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), providing information for researchers and practitioners worldwide in the fields of civil engineering, construction and materials science.

  • Powerful Revision Strategies

    In this Bite we look at some other proven techniques that you can use to further refine your approach.