• Building Recall

    Revision Bites aims to equip you with a number of potentially powerful new ways to approach your learning, but perhaps the most important of all is ‘recall’, or ‘information retrieval’. In this Bite we’ll explain why this approach is so crucial.

  • Scheduling Effective Revision

    In this Bite we look at two powerful concepts related to how you organise your revision- ‘Spaced Practice’ and ‘Interleaving’.

  • Ineffective Revision Techniques

    Research shows that many people use the same handful of popular approaches but that these techniques don’t really work effectively for university level revision. This Revision Bite looks at a few of these common but ineffective techniques.

  • Old bookmarks taking you to the old My Dundee?

    What’s happening With the move to the Ultra Navigation, some users have reported that the previous bookmarks that they had for specific My Dundee pages are taking them to the old style “front page” of Blackboard. When a user gets into this area, they’re able to get into courses etc,…

  • Tip of the Week: Link to specific times in a video

    We all like to add video content, however sometime when we add a video it is good to start the video at a specific point. In this tip of the week I will show you how to do this in both YouTube and Vimeo. YouTube – right click YouTube is…

  • ICE Virtual Library – Featured Resource

    The ICE Virtual Library, hosts all the content from the ICE publishing division of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), providing information for researchers and practitioners worldwide in the fields of civil engineering, construction and materials science.

  • Bite your revision

    CTIL was recently tasked with helping our colleagues at Academic Skills Centre (ASC) to help create a short set of revision guides named ‘Revision Bites’, to help students not fall foul of some of the common ineffective study techniques and take advantage of proven effective study strategies. The resource comprises a number of…

  • EBSCO E-book Academic Collection

    The EBSCO ebook  collection includes over 170,000  covering a wide selection of academic subjects, including the latest titles from the leading academic publishers and university presses, all with a user-friendly search experience. 

  • New Creative Space in the Main Library

    The CreateSpace will be a new addition in the Main Library. Based on the ground floor in Wolfson 1, the CreateSpace will be a new hub for creative working, open to all students.  The LLC has heard the call for better access to creative workspaces. Do you have a creative project…

  • Class Photos in eVision

    This guide shows Instructors an alternative solution to view images of students in a given cohort. The most common reason for doing this is to assist staff in identifying students in large tutorial groups. [Updated 18/02/2020] Step 1: Login to eVision and select the “Resources” tile (also available via Staff Content…