Lecture Capture Fix Being Deployed

I am pleased to announce that our colleagues in DTS have completed a thorough investigation to address the unreliability issues that impacted lecture recordings this semester. A new version of the YuJa recording software is now being deployed, which promises to resolve the issues that were present in the previous one. Extensive testing has confirmed that the updated version of the software no longer suffers from any cut-outs of video or audio. While it is still too early to give ... read more

Accessing Turnitin as a student

We've seen some calls coming in to Help4U and had questions asked at the service desk about how to access Turnitin. We just wanted to make a quick post to remind all students that Turnitin is accessed solely from within My Dundee. If you have a Turnitin assignment for a module, you will find the submission point in your module in My Dundee. You don't need to do anything to set up an account - all of this is done ... read more

Ongoing Reliability Issues with Lecture Capture

Users have continued to experience reliability issues when recording lectures using the YuJa video software. The project team is continuing to work with the vendor to isolate and resolve these issues but read on to find out more about what's happening, how we're working to find a resolution and what steps we're taking to secure long term stability of the service. Key Points: The reliability of the lecture capture process has continued to be an issue throughout this semester, impacting ... read more
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Turnitin issue on 5 and 6 February

On February 5, Turnitin reported a service incident that entirely prevented users from accessing Turnitin. They marked this as resolved that day, but we recieved several reports from a variety of users on the morning of Monday the 6th that there were still on-going issues. According to our internal records, this seems to have been resolved by 12:45 GMT ... read more
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Focus On Accessibility 20 – 24 Feb

During the Week beginning 20th Feb, we will be running a week of events to help support our teaching community develop their understanding around accessibility requirements and the skills to create more accessible content ... read more
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Turnitin issues – Resolved!

Update: Turnitin have confirmed that the issue has now been resolved. They have also updated their status page to confirm that the issue occurred between 10:19 - 15:31 GMT. If you are still having any issues, please let us know via Help4U! Original Issue -- 16/01/2023 at 11:08 GMT: Turnitin have just advised that there are current issues including slowness when opening Similarity reports as well as when adding marks or feedback. We have also had reports over the weekend ... read more
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Evaluating our Digital Education Services

In 2023, we are launching a new twice yearly Digital Education Services Evaluation survey. This is part of a new service improvement strategy that will combine user feedback, anonymous usage data and statistics taken from Help4u to help us monitor the effectiveness of the services we provide and prioritise service improvement activities based on what we discover. We will be developing this strategy over time as we learn the most effective ways to gather feedback and respond in a targeted, ... read more

Removal of old recordings in Collaborate

Removal of recordings in Collaborate prior to the 21/22 AY Over the past few years, we have spoken about how we will be removing older recordings. This is for two main reasons – the first and most timely is that we need to reduce our overall storage footprint. The second is to set up and implement a regular retention policy for videos held in Collaborate and YuJa. As a first step toward adopting a standard retention policy, we are going ... read more
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FocusOn Practice

A bit of Background During the academic year 20-21, in CTIL we had discussed various ways to enable staff to share good practice. Trying to persuade people to write blog posts was challenging, staff often didn't have the time. We knew, however, that many staff liked to talk about what they're doing; they're very good at that. In CTIL meetings, and with the group of Digital Champions (who've been invaluable to our work since April 2020), we discussed the idea ... read more
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My Dundee unavailable for some on-campus users (RESOLVED)

Yesterday (10/11/2022), on-campus users experienced difficulties accessing My Dundee. Although we are still investigating the root cause, the issue appears to have been resolved. Read on for more information. If you are still having an issue accessing My Dundee on campus, please follow the steps below (see What to do if you still have an issue accessing My Dundee?) What happened? Yesterday 10/11/2022, some users attempting to access My Dundee while on a university network e.g. Eduroam or on a ... read more
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