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What is it? 

The course welcome page is the first piece of course content that you are greeted with once you have entered your module and the module guide is a learning module that will contain core information for your module. 

What does it do?

The content you will see on the welcome page will vary from course to course but you can usually expect to see a video message from the course tutors, an introduction to the module including module aims and outcomes, what and how you’ll learn, and tutor contact details.

  • A central place to navigate core content
  • A user-friendly interface with an organised layout to view induction materials in a range of formats
  • Provides a convenient page to locate key information about your module and module leader contact details

What should I know?

Step 1: The course welcome page can be accessed through the module tab which is located on the left-hand menu when logging in to My Dundee. 

MyDundee side bar navigation menu

Step 2: Once you have done this, you must select your module to open it. 

My Dundee modules page

Step 3: The first thing you’ll see is a Welcome to  your module document, and below this will be a learning module (grey drop-down container) that will have a variety of documents and links with the core information for your module. 

Blackboard module highlighting the welcome to the module document and the module guide
Updated on 15/02/2022

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