Assessments on My Dundee

Automatically marked assessments can be created using Blackboard tests, Questionmark OnDemand or Möbius.

Formative and summative assessments scheduled in My Dundee modules (any assessment not usually invigilated) can be created using Blackboard tests, Möbius or Questionmark OnDemand.

Blackboard tests 

CTIL policy is that Blackboard tests should be used for all straightforward assessments (eg multiple choice questions). Schools are responsible for creating, deploying and running results of Blackboard tests. Support is available from Blackboard help and through Help4U.  


Möbius can be used for specialist STEM assessments. Schools are responsible for creating, deploying and running results of Mobius tests. Support is available from Möbius Help and through Help4U.  

Questionmark OnDemand (QMOD) 

For Computer Marked Assessments (CMAs) and formative tests, QMOD is only used when assessments contain more complex question types eg drag and drop, multiple response and knowledge matrix question types.  Schools can create QMOD assessments themselves (email to request a QMOD staff account) or ask the CTIL Managed Assessment Service to create them. The Managed Assessment Service schedule the assessments and run the results if required. 

Please complete and submit the My Dundee CMA Scheduling Request for each CMA at least one week before the assessment is due to take place.  

Updated on 15/09/2021

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