SEM2 2021/22 Exam Process

Specific information relating to the April/May 2022 exam diet.

Information Gathering

Exams Office have contacted Schools to gather information on what exams need to be timetabled this semester. As usual, data collection will take place in the relevant School channel within the Exams Operations Group in Teams. CTIL will use the information gathered and work with our colleagues in UoD IT to ensure that all exam modules are created to allow Schools sufficient time to get them set-up for the Semester 2 exam diet.

The exception to the above is Questionmark exams. In order to set-up a Questionmark class test or exam, we need significantly more information than what is submitted to QAS or gathered by Exams Office, which is why we require staff to register Questionmark exams individually using the using the CTIL – Online Exam Request form. You can view our Managed Exams – Questionmark guide for further details on the process of setting up a Questionmark exam.

On Campus Exams

As per the guidelines for remote online exams, there will be no in-person exams or assessments taking place in IT suites this semester unless an exception has been approved by the VP Education. If permission is given for an exam in Semester 2 to be run as an invigilated in-person on campus computer based exam, it will be delivered using our remote online exams process via a Turnitin, Questionmark, Möbius or Blackboard Assignment Exam Module in My Dundee. ExamOnline (EOL) will not be available for the Semester 2 exam diet, and exam accounts / locked down browsers will not be used in IT Suites. CTIL will continue to provide remote support for assessments and exams.

Summary of SEM2 Exam Diet

  • CTIL will use the information gathered by Exams Office to create the standardised exam modules in My Dundee.
  • My Dundee exam modules will be created for all exams timetabled in the official exam diet, except where third party tools make this unfeasible.
  • The CTIL – Online Exam Request form should be used for ad hoc exam module requests (i.e. those not taking place in the exam diet, or any “late adjustments”).
  • All Questionmark exams taking place in the exam diet must be registered individually using the CTIL – Online Exam Request form.
  • The deadline for submission of Questionmark exam papers (to be created by the Assessment team) is 21st March (for exams taking place in the SEM2 exam diet).

There is scheduled monthly Questionmark maintenance on Saturday 21st May therefore no Questionmark exams should be scheduled in this time, including one that starts on Friday 20th May and ends during the maintenance window.

Updated on 09/02/2022

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