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The Assessment team in CTIL support the use of Questionmark OnDemand (QMOD) for online exams both during and outwith the official exam diets.


Schools can create questions and assessments in QMOD themselves (see our Getting started with QMOD guide) or can request that the Assessment team create them. For information on how to send your exam paper to the Assessment team, please see our Sharing assessment papers guide. The team are responsible for publishing and scheduling the QMOD exams to the appropriate group of students, including any applicable extra time requirements on receipt of an exam request submission.

Requesting a Questionmark Exam

Please complete and submit the CTIL – Online Exam Request for every QMOD exam at least two weeks before it is due to take place. 

Academic year 2021/22

All QMOD exams timetabled in an exam diet will be delivered through My Dundee Exam Modules in academic year 2021/22.

If your exam is due to take place outwith an exam diet, we will liaise with you to confirm whether you want the exam delivered through an exam module, or your standard teaching module.

Note: remote QMOD exams will not be proctored. Remote and in-person on campus QMOD exams will not use exam accounts or have lockdown browsers enabled.

Updated on 26/01/2022

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