Extract grades from Gradebook

What is it?

Extracting grades from the Gradebook is managed by a bulk upload feature that opens as an Excel spreadsheet.

What does it do?

You may need to extract the grades from the Grade Centre for entering to eVision and you will need to enter the data manually as we are not yet able to upload grade data directly to SITS.

What should I know?

Step 1: Go into your module and select the tab at the top called Gradebook.

Step 2: You can download the Gradebook by clicking the download csv file (highlighted). 

Blackboard Ultra Gradebook with the download gradebook highlighted

Step 3: This will open a side panel where you can choose to download the full Gradebook or the mark history, select the assessments you want included in the download, select the type of file that will download (xls or csv, these will both open in Excel), and where to save the item to.

Step 4: Once you’ve made your selections, click Download.

Updated on 27/03/2023

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