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Once you’ve got your videos created, you can use the analytics feature in YuJa to see more information about who is watching your videos. Even if a video is published to a shared module channel, the analytics can only be accessed by the user who uploaded the video to YuJa.

Access YuJa either by going into your course channel or by accessing the website directly. 

Find the video you want to get the analytics report for and hover over it. You’ll see a menu appear on the right-hand side, click on the option for More

In the pop-up window for the video, select the option for Analytics from the menu. You’ll then see some basic stats about your video such as total views and the unique views. For more details, click on the More button from the bottom-right hand side of the window. from there, you can use the buttons along the top of the window to get more information on the summary, sessions, etc.

Gif of the actions taken to access YuJa analytics, as described in the text above. Hover over the video, click More from the menu. In the pop-up window select 'Analytics' and click 'more' for more details. Use the buttons in the resulting window to access more details about the analytics for the video

Module Statistics

In order to see the analytics for a module as a group (not just the content that you have created) you have to have them all published to a YuJa channel in the module  –  you do not have to make the YuJa channel visible in the module if this does not fit your module design. If you and your colleagues all publish to the channel then you will be able to view the collective stats.

YuJa support on downloading reports.

CTIL guidance at the start of this guide on preparing a YuJa channel within a module

Updated on 08/03/2022

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