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Allow students to upload videos to module channels

Once you’ve created the YuJa channel for your module, you can use the sub-channels to create folders that your students can upload their videos to directly. Any videos that are uploaded here will be visible to all users enrolled on the module, so this is a good option for presentations or introduction videos that you want other students to see. 

Requesting subchannels:

You can fill out this request form so we can get these sub-channels created for you. We’ll need to know a few things like if you’d like the videos to appear for all users on the channel immediately, or if the instructor should review the video and approve it before it is made available. Additionally, you can choose the ‘lock’ all of the videos uploaded by students to that channel. When locked, content embedded using the YuJa Media Chooser with Deep-Linking Enabled cannot be modified, moved, or deleted.

Approving student videos:

Once a student submits a video that requires approval, the instructor will be sent an email alerting them that there is a video awaiting approval. Go to the subchannel to view the video (note that it may still require some processing time even after the notification email has been received). Once you’ve watched it, if you’re ready to approve it simply hover over the video and select the option for Approve. It will now be available for viewing by all users on the module. 

Screenshot of a subchannel with a student submission video being hovered over. Arrows point to the play button and to the link that says 'Approve'.

Updated on 30/08/2021

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