Customise the visibility for your video

What is it?

Once you have embedded your video content into your Blackboard module document, you can choose specific release conditions and determine the availability to students.

What does it do?

As well as choosing to make your content hidden or visible to students, the release conditions give you several additional options.

For Instructors
  • Select members and groups for your release conditions
  • Set the time and date for release
  • Release content based on performance
  • Make your content instantly available or hidden to all module members

What Should I know?

The following guidance will only work if you have embedded your video directly in your course content or in a document, but you have not published the video to your channel.

Step 1: From the item (in course content or the document that houses the embedded video), click on the area that controls visibility. This may say Visible to students, Hidden from students or Release conditions. Select the option for Release Conditions.

Blackboard module course content item highlighting the visibility menu

Step 2: Select Release Conditions

Blackboard ultra release conditions menu

Step 3: You can select your release conditions to affect all members, specific or groups.

Set additional conditions determines the release time and date and performance. Performance allows access to the stated members once a specific assessment or test grade has been achieved, for example.

Visibility Settings make your content either instantly visible or hidden to students before they meet the release conditions.

Blackboard ultra release conditions menu showing the visibility settings segment highlighting the save button

Step 4: Save your work.

Updated on 08/03/2022

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