Collaborate top tips

Avoiding the infinity/tunnel effect when sharing your screen

To share something that is open on your computer, click the “Share Content” icon, and select “Share Application.” You can then select the application you want to share, such as PowerPoint or Microsoft Excel. If you need to share something in a web browser, have a separate browser window open that contains what you want to share before you start your session. Select the relevant web browser to share it (not the one with Collaborate open).

If you are using two or more monitors, make sure that the window hosting the Ultra session is moved off the screen that will be shared prior to initiating a screen share and this should avoid the infinity/tunnel effect if sharing your entire screen.

Recording when using breakout groups

Collaborate stops recording your session if all attendees leave the main room to join breakout groups. (What is said or viewed in a breakout group isn’t captured in recordings.)

You can start your recording again from the Session Menu when one or more attendees return to the main room.

However, if someone stays in the main room, it doesn’t stop recording.

Accessing Collaborate recordings in YuJa

Collaborate recordings are not automatically added to your YuJa module channel. If you want to include any recordings in your channel, you will need to download the Collaborate recording, upload into YuJa and publish to your module channel.

Enabling breakout groups

You need at least five users to be able to change the ‘Assign Groups’ settings, and breakout groups won’t work when you’ve set up a session as a ‘Large-scale session’ (250+ users).

Randomly assigned breakout groups

You can ‘shuffle’ the randomly assigned groups for breakout rooms, but only from the point of setting them up. You also need at least 5 users for the ‘random’ assignment option to appear.

Allowing users to move rooms

If you tick the option to ‘Allow attendees to switch groups’, make sure to keep the Breakout Groups panel open until everyone has moved. If you inadvertently go to have a look at the chat … then the tick unticks itself!

Sharing a file with all breakout groups

When in a Collaborate session a moderator can share a file with selected/all breakout groups at the one time, rather than having to go into each group. Within the main room, click on Share Content -> Share Files -> Add Files. Once you have uploaded the required file to the Main Room Files, click on the three dots to the right of the file name (File Options) and select Share with groups. From here you can then tick to share with all groups, or select particular groups you want to share the file with. Confirm by clicking Share Now.

Please note that breakout groups do need to be started/open and running for the ‘Share with groups’ option to appear.

Updated on 13/03/2023

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