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Troubleshoot the most common issues in Collaborate

If you encounter an issue when using Collaborate please follow our troubleshooting guide. If the issue is resolved by following the suggestions throughout the guide, then please don’t submit the form. If your issue is not resolved after running through the troubleshooting guide, complete all information requested, submit the form and a ticket will be sent to Help4U to allow the CTIL team to investigate.

Please don’t complete the troubleshooting guide on behalf on someone else (or a class of students), you should encourage each user encountering an issue with Collaborate to run through the troubleshooting guide and complete the form themselves. This allows us to separate any individual user difficulties from widespread issues that we need to report to the vendor.

This guide/form should only be used to report issues with Collaborate. If you are experiencing issues with My Dundee or related services, please report these through Help4U.

Key Information

  1. Ensure you are using a supported browser. You can check Collaborate’s supported browsers here.
  2. Enable third party cookies.
  3. Allow Collaborate to access both your video and audio to see and hear others in the session, even if you don’t intend on sharing your own audio or video.
  4. Confirm Collaborate is connecting to the correct audio and video devices. You may have more than one of these if you’re using an external microphone/headset or webcam.

Further help can be found on the Collaborate support pages.

Common Issues

Presented with a long HTML error message when trying to access a Collaborate session

This indicates that you are using an unsupported browser. You can check Collaborate’s supported browsers here.

Presented with a spinning purple loading wheel when trying to access a Collaborate session

This indicates that you have not enabled third party cookies. Please make sure you have allowed this setting for Collaborate.

Can’t see the option to join a scheduled Collaborate session

If you have your module page open too far in advance of the session, the session link won’t automatically appear once the session is open. Please refresh your browser after the start time of the session. If you’re still having issues seeing the link to join your session, please contact your lead instructor to confirm the time and date of the session.

Kicked out of a Collaborate session

Please check your internet connection speed. The university recommends a minimum of 2Mb/s download, 1Mb/s upload.

Can’t share your screen

Application sharing is not available on mobile devices and tablets. If you want to share your screen or application you must be on a desktop computer. (Application Sharing is available on Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge (Chromium), with no plugins required. It is not yet available in Safari stable releases. It may be made available in a future Safari stable release.)

Updated on 13/03/2023

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