Enrol students on a module

What is it?

Students will be automatically enrolled onto a module via SITS, however, if there are some discrepancies, this guide will show you what to do. There may also be cases where there are non-SITS enrolments required, this includes EDP students or students who are auditing etc and you will need to take further steps.

What does it do?

  • Check for discrepancies
  • Enrol non-SITS students
  • Bulk enrol
  • Manually enrol
  • Get help

What should I know?

SITS modules

Once students are registered against a module in the Student Records System (SITS), students will automatically be added to the relevant SITS module in My Dundee. Any changes to student enrolments in SITS will be updated in My Dundee the following day (as the enrolment process runs overnight).

If a student reports that they do not have access to a particular SITS module on My Dundee, their enrolments should first be checked in the Student Records System to ensure they have been added to the correct modules.

If you have students sitting a module with Extended Due Performance (EDP) status, and require them to be manually added to the current version of a SITS module, please send an e-mail to Help4U with the title ‘FAO CTIL – EDP Student Enrolments’ and include the student username(s) and full module code(s).

Shared/Merged SITS modules

If two or more modules share similar teaching, content and assessment, then these can be merged using the Parent and Child functionality in Blackboard. All students enrolled on both the parent and child module(s) in SITS will automatically be added to the parent module on My Dundee. For further information please see our guide to Shared modules.

Non-SITS modules

You have two options when it comes to adding students to a non-SITS module:

1. Bulk enrolment

If your non-SITS module is something that requires a one-off enrolment of users, then please send an e-mail to Help4U with the title ‘FAO CTIL – Bulk module enrolment’ stating the module name and code (e.g. “My Non-SITS Module Name” ZX11001_SEM0000_2021), along with a list of User ID’s (usernames) to be added. You should also indicate if you want users added as Students or Instructors.

2. Manual enrolment

If you only need to add a few users to a module, then the quickest and easiest way is for someone with the role of “Instructor” or “Support” on the module to enrol them manually. Please see our guide to enrolling staff on a module which can be followed to add staff or students to a module. (Please note that you should not add students to a SITS module using this method.)

Updated on 18/10/2022

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