Where to find your class list

What is it? 

The class list in Blackboard, is known as the Class Register which can be found in the module on the right-hand details and actions panel.

What does it do?

The Class Register is a list of all the students and instructors enrolled on to your module and the course role that they currently hold in the module.

  • A place to find all users enrolled onto your module to ensure your class list is up to date and check for discrepancies with SITS
  • Also, a place to view users’ current course roles and edit member information to change them
  • Allows you to allocate accommodations to students who need more time to complete assignments

What should I know?

Step 1: On the details and actions menu on the left-hand pane, select Class Register.

Blackboard ultra module view highlighting the class register option in the Details & Actions segment
Blackboard ultra class register highlighting the view buttons and the more actions button

If there are any discrepancies with this course list, you can contact your school admin team to look into this. For administrative staff, you can contact registry (registry@dundee.ac.uk) to discuss and resolve any enrolment issues in SITS.

Note: Select this icon to change between list and grid view

Blackboard ultra list and grid view buttons

To view accommodations and roles

Step 1: Select the three dots icon next to the user’s name

Blackboard ultra class register student highlighting the more actions button

Step 2: Select Accommodations or Edit member information depending on if you are viewing accommodations or editing a user’s access or permissions in the module.

Blackboard ultra class register, student more actions menu highlighting the accommodations option

Step 3: Select the box beside the Accommodations you would like to apply

 Step 4: Save your work

To allocate accommodations

Step 1: Select the three dots and then Edit Member Information

Blackboard ultra class register, student more actions menu
Blackboard ultra class register member information screen, highlighting the save button

Step 3: Save your work

Updated on 25/02/2022

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