Request account for and enrol external examiners

What is it?

External examiners are essentially non-UoD staff members that you can temporarily add to your modules for the purposes of assessing work.

What does it do?

To add an external examiner to a module in My Dundee, they need to be granted associate staff status through HR. This can be requested by someone in your school. HR will then notify you that this has been done and UoDIT will set up a UoD email account for them. Once both tasks have been completed, users with the module role of Instructor or Support can add them to modules with the appropriate course role.

What should I know?

External examiners may need to have access to your module in My Dundee. To set up your external examiner on your module:

Step 1: Check that your external examiner has a University of Dundee account (for example, If your examiner does not have this, then you will first need to fill out an HR Associate Staff Request Form. Once the form has been processed by HR Systems, a member of HR will send the requester a letter to confirm this. You will then be able to enrol them in your module. 

Step 2: To enrol the external examiner, go to the relevant module in My Dundee.

Step 3: Access the Class Register from the Details & Actions menu within the module.

Step 4: Click on the ‘+’ symbol at the top-right of the screen (when you hover over the symbol it will state Enrol People).

Step 5: Type in the UoD username of the external examiner (usernames can be taken from their UoD email address minus the dots and the ‘’, e.g. ‘’ becomes ‘jzbloggs’).

Step 6: Select the relevant person (you should see the + symbol to the right of the name change to a green tick).

Step 7: From the drop-down list that appears below the user, change the role to External Examiner (or whatever role is required)

Step 8: Press Save.

Your external examiner has now been added to your module.

 For more information about enrolling colleagues and the course roles including their descriptions, check out the Enrol Colleagues on to your Course guide.

Updated on 19/03/2024

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