How to change course roles and add a Primary Instructor

What is it? 

Users are assigned a role for each module they are enrolled in. These roles control what users can access within a module. The most common roles are Student and Instructor. 

Reminder: The ‘Guest’ role does not work in Ultra. This will not give that user any access to the module.

What does it do?

If a module has multiple instructors enrolled on it, you can choose to set the Primary Instructor(s). This will mean that when viewing the class register, students and staff can easily identify who the leader(s) of the module is.

What should I know?

To change someone’s role:

Step 1: To change a user’s role in a module or organisation, click on the link below Class Register in Details and Actions.

Step 2: Find the member of staff whose role needs to be changed and click on the three dots beside their name. Click Edit member information.

Step 3: Use the drop-down menu to change the user’s role. Please remember that students ought to be coming in from SITS and ought to remain in the role of students, so you should only change the role for other members of staff. 

Note: Please refer to our guide for course role explanations.

The Guest role does not work in Ultra modules so please refrain from assigning that role to anyone. The Course Builder role does not allow the user to access Collaborate sessions.

To set a Primary Instructor

Any instructor on the module can set this up:

Step 1: Access the Class Register from the Details & Actions menu within the module.

Step 2: Find the instructor you are going to make a Primary Instructor and click on the three dots beside their name. Click Edit member information.

Step 3: Tick the checkbox next to Primary instructor.

Step 4: Press Save.

Step 5: Repeat for any other primary instructors on the module.

If there are multiple primary instructors set-up on a module, they are listed alphabetically before other instructors in the class register.

For more information about the course roles including their descriptions, check out the Enrol Colleagues on to your Course guide.

Updated on 18/04/2024

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