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Resubmit your Turnitin document

What is it?

If your instructor has allowed it, you can resubmit your Turnitin assignment anytime before the due date.

What does it do?

If you can resubmit your assignment, there are still a few limitations. You cannot resubmit after the due date, even if late submissions are allowed.

Your first three submissions (this means your initial submission and two re-submissions) will generate similarity reports immediately, if your instructors have set up the assignment to generate reports immediately. After this, every subsequent resubmission will take 24 hours to generate a similarity report. This is an intentional feature of the tool, and we cannot change it.

What should I know?

Step 1: Go to your assignment submission point.

Step 2: If it is before the due date, you can check the assignment setting by click on on the drop-down arrow next to the assignment title.

Look in the Additional Settings area for information on late submissions.

Screenshot of the submission area in Turnitin from a student account. There is an arrow pointing at the drop-down menu next to the assignment title so the settings are visible, there is an arrow next to the setting that says that resubmissions are allowed, and an arrow pointing at the upload icon.

Step 3: If this is allowed, use the Upload icon to upload a new file. You can find this icon next to the Download icon, and it will look like an arrow pointing up out of a box.

Step 4: Follow the instructions to upload a new file, this will be the same process you used to submit your first file.

Important: If your assignment has the setting ‘Similarity reports are available immediately after submission’, this will only be generated immediately for the first three submissions. At the fourth submission (and any additional submissions beyond this), the report will be generated after 24 hours. 

Updated on 12/04/2023

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