Adding Panopto Channel to your My Dundee Module

What is it?

This guide shows you how to add a Panopto tool link (channel) to a My Dundee module. The most common reason for doing this is to add relevant recordings (such as lecture recordings, flipped classroom or worked examples) to a tool link content area.

What does it do?

This is the platform to record asynchronous content. This guide will cover how to link Panopto to your module, how to record content, and how to post the video directly to your module channel.

What should I know?

For modules from semester 1 24/25 your module templates will have a Panopto channel link added automatically, until this date you will have to manually add this tool link. You will need to activate this link between Panopto, your module, and your role as instructor by clicking on the link to open it.

This will also launch Panopto, and you can record from here.

Step 1:  In the Details & Actions section of your module navigation, select View course & external apps from underneath External Apps (Fig. 1).  

Step 2: From the list of available tools, select the + icon / Panopto Video.

Step 3: Once you add the tool, a folder will be created for your course and will be easily accessible within your Course Content.

Updated on 25/03/2024

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