Embed a Panopto video into My Dundee

What is it?

In addition to uploading your video to your module’s channel in Panopto, you can also upload a specific video to your course content or embedded in a Blackboard Document.

What does it do?

Uploading your video directly into your course content allows you to organise your video content into the appropriate Learning Module or Folder so that it can be easily located by students. Having learning content inline with learning material is seen as good practise.

Some academics make the Panopto Video folder set to not visible to students so that the students do not get confused, they still populate the folder with there video content. Note having all relevant videos in the Panopto folder is needed when wanting to analyse the analytics at a module level

What should I know?

Embedding a video to your course content page

Step 1: Locate where you would like your video uploaded and click on the plus icon, then select External Apps.

Step 2: Click on the button that says Panopto Video Embed

Step 3: You have three options ‘Choose’, ‘Upload’ and ‘Record’ .

Choose: You can see that we are by default looking at content published to this module (even if it’s set to not visible to students). To choose an existing recording, browse or search through your available folders. Select the video to embed. Note: You can embed a video from any of your Panopto folders, and when students click on it, they’ll be able to watch it. 

Embed a Panopto video screenshot of selecting a video

Choose your embedded player preferences under Video Embed Options.  Then, select Insert.
To learn more about the Video Embed Options, see Learn About the Video Embed Options in an LMS.  To learn more about embedding videos, visit: How to Embed a Video in a Webpage ​​​​.

The video will now be added as a new video in the module.

Embedding a video to your document page

Step 1: Locate where you would like your video in your document and click on the plus icon, then select Add Content.

Step 2: Within your text editor, you can choose to embed a video, click on the Plus icon at the far right of the editor bar. In this menu, select External App.

Blackboard Ultra document highlighting the External apps option.

Step 3: Select the button for Panopto Video Embed and follow steps two and three above to find your video.

Updated on 29/03/2024

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