Install and record from Panopto

What is it?

This guide shows you how to install and record from Panopto in a My Dundee module. The most common reason for doing this is to add relevant recordings (such as lecture recordings, flipped classroom or worked examples) to a tool link content area.

What does it do?

This is the platform to record asynchronous content. This guide will cover how to record content, and how to post the video directly to your module channel.

What should I know?

For modules from semester 1 24/25 your module templates will have a Panopto channel link added automatically, until this date you will have to manually add this tool link (see guide).

When you open the Panopto Video link in your course content on your module , it will also launch Panopto, and you can record from here.

Step 1: Navigate to Create at the top of the screen.

Create button with options listed bellow

Step 2: If this is your first time using Panopto, click Panopto for Windows (even if using mac) and follow the download instructions. IT have added the Panopto application to the safe list so that you can download with administration rights.

Step 3: Once Panopto has been installed on your computer, go back to this screen and click Open Panopto. Note: You can also open the Recorder directly from your computer and login.

Panopto Recorder

Step 4: When you first log in to the recorder you will be prompted with three different tours that further explain all of the different areas of the recorder. If you want to replay the tours in the recorder just press the question mark icon.

Session Settings

(1) Folder – Select your publish location from the drop-down arrow, this will be your My Dundee module title.

(2) Name – Enter a meaningful name “Genome Comparison – BS32001 SEM 1 2425”; the default title is the time and date.

Note: If this option is set to My Folder, it is likely because you have not yet accessed Panopto from within your module page. The recording will be published to your My Folder in Panopto by default and can be moved to your My Dundee channel, post-production.

Primary Sources

(3) Video – Select the appropriate video input device.

(4) Audio – This will vary depending on hardware, by default the software will select the digital microphone connected so make sure the device you expect is selected. Set level between 1/4 – 3/4 of the audio meter:

Set the volume level to three quarters

(5) Quality – You can use this to toggle the recording quality, standard works for most applications.

(6) Capture Computer Audio – You can check this box when you are wanting to capture audio from a video/audio you have within your presentation.

7 Secondary Sources

(7.1) PowerPoint – A presenter may include a PowerPoint presentation by selecting Capture PowerPoint. If the PowerPoint contains any motion on the slide, an embedded video in the slide, or someone annotating over the slide, then screen capture must be selected in order to capture that content.

(7.2) Screen Capture (recommended) – Choose to capture what is displayed on your screen, PowerPoint, Menti, webpage… You also have the option to capture a second screen.

Note: In PowerPoint you can swap Slide Show and Presenter View if needed.

(7.3) Add Another Video Source – If you have more than one camera plugged into your computer, you can add an additional video source(s).

(8) Enable screen capture preview – To preview your screen before recording, select the checkbox (off by default).


Step 10: Press the Record button to begin your capture. Once your recording has started, the Record icon will change into Stop and Pause. Stop your recording by clicking Stop on the Panopto recorder or pressing F10 the default hotkey sequence.


  • Start Recording: F8
  • Pause Recording: F9
  • Stop Recording: F10

Note: To have a section of your recording automatically edited out, select Pause. When the recording is paused, Panopto will continue to record, but that section will be edited out of the final version. You can always get this content back by using the editor.

Step 11: When you complete your recording, you have two options available: Done or Delete and record again.

You have the option to name/rename session, you can also add a description (optional).

Press Delete and record again if you don’t want to keep the file (this will delete your recording permanently).

Choose Done to save your capture recording to the location detailed under Located in folder, depending on setting this might be your My Dundee module or your My Folder.

Updated on 26/03/2024

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