Alternate between rooms and return to the main room

What is it?

Breakout rooms are essentially miniature sessions within the main collaborate session. You can alternate between rooms and allow students to share and create content collaborative in the breakout rooms.

What does it do?

Alternating between rooms allows the instructor to check-in on students as if they were going round groups in a classroom setting. It is easy to switch between rooms and return your class to the main session once you are ready. Students are able to share and create content together using the digital education toolkit and sharing documents.

  • Check-in on smaller student groups
  • Allow your students to collaborate
  • Start and End breakout rooms
  • Engage in group work

What should I know?

Share and Create Content

You may want to suggest that one student shares their screen, and they work on a document collaboratively, rather than using the whiteboard function. This is because rooms, and their contents, disappear when the room ends

Alternate Between Rooms

Moderators can go between rooms by clicking on the green door icon beside the group they want to enter. 

You can see any students who have their hands raised, so you can see at a glance if you are needed in a specific room.

Screenshot of a Collaborate session in the Attendees panel. There is currently a breakout session running, and there is a circle around the button to end the breakout session, and another circle on the 'door' icon to allow the moderator to move between breakout rooms.
Ending breakout groups

To end the breakout groups, click on the stop icon in the top right-hand side. This will return everyone to the main course room, and the recording will resume.

Updated on 01/03/2022

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