Assign a grade in Blackboard assignments

What is it?

Not only can a student submit an assignment in Blackboard, but they can also be allocated feedback and grades in the same way.

What does it do?

Grades in Blackboard can be allocated easily to both individuals and groups. Grades can be entered and posted immediately, or they can be posted at a set date and time of your choosing.

What should I know?

Step 1: Click on the link to the assignment you want to mark. Then in the list view of the students, you can see that the student who submitted the assignment has a link on their name and a submission time.

Step 2: Click on their name link to open a side panel that will have information on their attempts. You can click on the link for the attempt you would like to view.

Step 3: To add in-line comments, highlight the section of text and choose to score out, underline or add a text comment.

Screenshot of a student submission for a Blackboard test or assignment. A sentence of the student's text is highlighted, and marking options are open above it.

Note: The inline feedback options will only be available if students have uploaded compatible files.

Step 4: To give overall feedback, navigate to the feedback section in the side panel, make a comment in the text box and click save.

Screenshot of feedback for a student for a Blackboard Assignment. The save button has a circle around it.

Step 5: On the same side panel, you will be able to locate the SafeAssign originality report.

Note: Safe Assign reports will only be generated if the assignment has been set up with SafeAssign

Screenshot of a student submission in a Blackboard assignment using Safe Assign. There is a box around the tab for 'Originality report'.

Step 6: To enter marks, navigate to the top of the page

Screenshot of a student submission to a Blackboard assignment. The boxes to enter grades are highlighted.

Step 7: You can also enter marks from within the submissions page by clicking into the mark for each student and typing in the grade directly. You can post grades individually when they have been entered by clicking Post.

Screenshot of the Blackboard test/assignment submissions page. There is a circle around one student's score, and another circle around the button to 'Post' marks next to that same student's grade.
Updated on 25/02/2022

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