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Avoid an infinity view when sharing your screen in Collaborate

What is it?

When sharing an application or screen in Collaborate Ultra, you may experience an infinity tunnel effect. This will occur when the screen or browser you are sharing is displaying the active Ultra session.

What does it do?

The infinity window can be frustrating, but you can learn how to prevent this from occurring.

What should I know?

Selecting the web browser with Collaborate open will give you the infinity/tunnel view shown below. 

Screenshot of the 'infinity tunnel' in Collaborate. This is when the Collaborate moderator is sharing their screen and the screen has the Collaborate window open.

This happens because the screen that you’re sharing is showing the Collaborate window.

To resolve this, simply make sure that you’re not sharing the Collaborate window that you are holding your session in. You can do this by minimising the Collaborate window; however, you won’t be able to see the chat messages or any other information from the session.

If you have two monitors, you can move the Collaborate window onto the screen that you’re not sharing. This will allow you to see the chat and share your screen at the same time without the tunnel effect. 

Updated on 13/03/2023

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