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Create a Video Assignment and Grade Student Submissions

What is it?

This guide shows you how to create a video assignment in a My Dundee module and how to grade student submissions. The most common reason for doing this is to allow students to record and embed a video presentation within their assignment submission.

You can refer them to Submit a Panopto Video Assignment in My Dundee.

What does it do?

This guide will cover how to create an assignment to allow students to post a video directly to the module instructor, and how to grade the assignment submission.

What should I know?

For modules from semester 1 24/25 your module templates will have a Panopto channel link added automatically, until this date you will have to manually add this tool link (see guide).

Create an Assignment

Step 1: In the Course Content section of your module navigation select the plus + Add Content icon. From the menu that appears select + Create

Step 2: Navigate to the Assessment section in the right-hand menu. Select Assignment

Step 3: Create the assignment as you would in Blackboard Ultra, prompting students to submit a Blackboard video assignment and then select Save.

It can be useful in the assignment description to signpost your student to submission instructions:
Please submit a Panopto video describing the benefits of …. If you need assistance please follow this guide: How to Submit a Video Assignment in Blackboard Ultra

Additional Information

A Panopto student assignment folder will be created inside the Panopto course folder once the first student begins creating a video. By default, the student will only be able to see and edit their own videos in the related Panopto student assignment folder. Once the video is submitted by a student, it is moved from the Panopto student assignment folder into the student submission folder within your course folder. After this, the student can no longer edit their submitted video.

Grading an Assignment

Step 1: Open the assignment where you see an ungraded submission

Step 2: Select the submission you want to grade

Step 3: Under Submission Content, the student Panopto video assignment should appear embedded

Step 4: Proceed with grading the assignments, providing feedback, and posting grades

Updated on 10/04/2024

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