Overview of Questionmark Assessment Process

UoD Questionmark Process

How to get started

Once you have decided you want to deliver a Questionmark OnDemand (QMOD) assessment to your students, you need to make the CTIL Assessment team aware of this. If you are at a very early stage and don’t have all of the information about when your assessment will take place, then you can e-mail the team with the rough information you have. Once you have confirmed dates for your assessment, you should register it with us in one of the following ways:

For Questionmark quizzes, formatives, computer marked assessments (CMAs) and class tests taking place outwith an exam diet, please complete and submit the Questionmark Scheduling Request for each assessment at least two weeks before it is due to take place. 

For Questionmark assessments and exams taking place during an official exam diet, please complete and submit the CTIL – Online Exam Request for every QMOD exam at least two weeks before it is due to take place.

Will you create the assessment in QMOD yourself?

Yes I want to create the assessment in QMOD myself
No, I want the Assessment Team to create the assessment in QMOD

Follow the steps below to enable the Assessment Team to create your assessment in QMOD:

  1. Securely share a Word copy of your assessment at least two weeks before it is due to take place
  2. Assessment Team will create the questions and assessment in QMOD
  3. Fully test your assessment

How is the assessment delivered to students?

Questionmark assessments (including quizzes, formatives, CMAs and class tests) taking place outwith an exam diet will be delivered to students through a link in the My Dundee teaching module.

A My Dundee Exam Module will be created for any Questionmark assessments and exams timetabled in an official exam diet.

See our QMOD Assessment is completed, what is next? guide for full information on how the Assessment team will publish and schedule your assessment to students.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ensure students get any additional time they are entitled to (disability adjustments) in a timed Questionmark assessment?

If you indicate on your registration form that students with a recommendation for additional time should receive it for a timed assessment, the Assessment team will check eVision for up-to-date student information prior to scheduling the assessment.

If you (as module leader) are notified of an update to any disability adjustments after the assessment is scheduled and available to students, you will need to notify the Assessment team in order for them to update the relevant schedules.

Does Questionmark autosave student answers during an assessment?

Student answers are automatically saved every minute during an assessment, so if they encounter any issues (e.g. laptop crashing) they are advised to re-enter the exam as quickly as possible by clicking on the Resume button (rather than the normal Start button).

Where can I direct students to for help with completing a Questionmark assessment?

We have prepared a Questionmark Troubleshooting guide for students which runs through any issues a student may encounter in the run up to an assessment, starting an assessment, or during an assessment.

We also have guides available for students on Locating Your Questionmark Assessment and Taking Your Questionmark Assessment.


Register for QMOD Support pages

Questionmark have a large amount of support documents and videos. You will need to register separately for a Questionmark Communities account in order to get access to them.

Next steps…

If you are planning to create the assessment in QMOD yourself, see our guide on getting started with QMOD.

If you want the Assessment team to create the questions and assessment in QMOD, see our guide on sharing assessment papers.

Updated on 01/03/2022

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