Panopto to go live on April 1

From April 1 Panopto will be going live as our chosen video management platform, our current system YuJa will become read only from this point forward. There will be a transition period where we will be running both systems in tandem as we migrate video content between platforms. All active content that resides within YuJa and linked to modules in Blackboard, will remain in YuJa and visible to students. You will only be able to create any new content in Panopto from April 1. 

Once we are confident that all migrated content is available in Panopto, and we have moved beyond the exam and resit diet, we will begin the process of decommissioning YuJa.  

What is Panopto? 

Panopto is our new chosen video management platform, to replace from YuJa. Panopto provides instructors and students with a flexible set of tools to capture, edit and distribute video content for a wide range of educational purposes, from assessment to lecture capture. 

It is integrated into My Dundee making it easy to author and distribute video within a Module or can be accessed directly for those wishing to manage and distribute video more widely. The service is easy to use, accessible and supports the growing need to support rich digital media in our educational experience. 

What does it do? 

  • Directly capture video from a range of sources or upload existing content into a central, online repository. 
  • Automatically generates captions for any videos recorded or uploaded to the platform. 
  • Manage personal and shared video collections, publishing to specific users, groups or publicly as required. 
  • Edit video through a simple, easy to use editor or download for editing in high-end editing tools such as Premier or Final Cut. 
  • Access, share and manage video collections within Modules or Organisations on My Dundee. 
  • Share and embed videos in the same way you would with YouTube or Vimeo services. 
  • Supplement video experience with captioning, attached files, moderate-able comments, shared notes and a range of other functions and abilities. 
  • Create video based quizzes and assessments, with grades returned to the My Dundee grade centre if required. 
  • Set video submission assignments for students. 
  • Institutional portal for public distribution of video. 
  • Capture and distribute lectures and events.
  • Live streaming of events. 

Who is it for?

This service is primarily aimed at education related activities but can be accessed and used by anyone with a UoD login.  

Familiarise yourself with Panopto 

Please note that until April 1 you will not have access to the Panopto Video Platform*. This video will provide you with an overview of the Panopto platform.

*(Except those who are on the Early Adopter group) 

Additional Tutorial videos 

The URL link below provides further support videos on the key capabilities of the Panopto platform. Please take the opportunity to view these videos as it will help to get a better understanding of the Panopto video management platform:
Getting Started with Panopto

Training and Booking Process 

We are almost 6 weeks away from the launch of Panopto and we are writing to you today to invite you to come along to our training sessions.

We have three different options available:

  • Hands on Training in Park Place – This booking option allows you to book time with training staff who will take you through using Panopto in a newer room setup. The session will also allow you time to ask questions to ensure that your understanding of the technology is solidified. We would advise booking this with a group for between 4-8 people from your department to get the full benefit. This is an in person training session held at Park Place A15, please report to the reception there for access.
  • Customised Hands on Training – In this option you can select which room you would like to receive training on specifically but we do request that you book the space yourself for the time you request here. This option is best selected when there is a particular location that you are teaching in that you may not have used before and will be using Panopto in for the first time. You can book for yourself or a group.
  • Drop in sessions – This option allows you to come along to the EduZone in the Main Library for a drop in session to speak to training staff about specific questions you may have or for an overview of Panopto in action. These sessions are not bookable through the link, you can just show up to the room on the dates and times given below and a member of the team will be there to assist.
    • Drop in session are running from 20 February to 10 May, every Monday from 10am – 12pm or 2pm – 4pm, and every Friday from 10am – 12pm.

Please follow the instructions on the booking page to secure your hands on or customised hands on training, and just pop in to the EduZone on any of the given days or times for a drop in session. The training link will go live on Monday 19 February.

We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible to showcase our new system.

Training booking Process 

Please access the link below to book your training sessions.  

Yuja Migration  Content Archiving and Migration reminder 

Finally, we would like to remind you about the data retention policy for YuJa. This policy (of archiving any videos that have not been viewed for over a year) came into effect on Friday 15 December 2023, and is continuing to run. 

Under this policy, all videos that haven’t been viewed in a year or more will be automatically archived on a nightly basis. Archived content will be moved to the ‘My Archive’ folder in your Media Library and will become unavailable to viewers. Videos will not be deleted by this process – they will be archived and become unavailable to anybody but you. Videos that remain in your archive will NOT be migrated to Panopto. 

  • If you want to prevent a video from being archived, then you can tag your videos with the word ‘#KEEP’. 
  • If you find a video has been archived that you wish to keep, then you can restore it yourself and (after it reappears in your media collection) apply the ‘#KEEP’ tag as above. This will prevent the video from being archived on the next pass. 
  • For more information on how to restore and tag videos, view our article for instructions – Opting Specific Videos out of the Process. 

This recurring policy is the next step in our plan to reduce the number of videos that will need to be migrated to Panopto, the process for migration is handled automatically by the vendors. We are not lifting and shifting content, YuJa will provide Panopto with a copy of all content that currently resides within the YuJa platform and Panopto will then import this copy into their system. Any content that is associated with an individual user will be migrated to the route folder of each user in the new platform. This process will not automatically relink any LTI connections or embedded URLs in Blackboard. Please be assured that guidance and training in support for relinking content in modules will be forthcoming. 


We really appreciate your patience and understanding as we work toward this goal. Please visit the Data Retention Policy for YuJa web page for more information. 

Updated on 16/02/2024

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