Change user roles in a Collaborate session

While running a Collaborate session, you may want to change a participant’s settings during the session.

If you have set up the room so that participants don’t have permission to access the microphone or webcam, changing the settings for a single user can allow that user to to speak, share video, or share their screen.

1. Open the Attendees Panel (for more information on where to find this, look at the guide for Getting started with Collaborate)

2. Find the user you want to give the ability to share audio, video, their screen, or a file. 

3. Click on the three dots next to the user. 

Screenshot of attendees panel with the three dots highlighted and the menu appearing

4. In the menu, select Make Presenter

The ‘Presenter’ role and ‘Moderator’ role are nearly identical, except a moderator can create polls, create break-out rooms and adjust users settings, including removing people from the session and change other user’s roles.

5. When you are ready for that user to return to ‘Participant’ status, simply repeat these steps and choose Make Participant from the menu. 

Updated on 01/03/2022

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