What is My Dundee?

What is it?

My Dundee is the University’s primary online learning platform where academics can deliver their modules online in part or in full, and students can access content, activities, assessment and more as part of their studies. The platform is based on Blackboard Learn which provides a modern, stable, flexible environment with a range of tools to support all learning activities. We’re currently in a transition phase as we gradually move to the new ‘Ultra’ user interface and away from the venerable ‘Original’ view, so keep an eye out for news about that project.

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What does it do?

As a comprehensive online learning platform (sometimes known as a virtual learning environment, or VLE), My Dundee provides a huge range of functionality for our learning and teaching community. It makes up a significant portion of the University of Dundee’s Digital Campus.

For students

  • Provides online areas for each of your modules where your instructor can post content, activities, group work, assessment and more.
  • Also provides organisations, which are similar to modules but are intended for organisational information and activities e.g. school/discipline areas, student organisations, ad hoc group areas.
  • Keep up to date with all your work through messaging, calendars and the activity stream.
  • Find and manage your modules using the new Ultra interface
  • Access your modules through the Blackboard App

For instructors

  • Central online hub for your modules
  • Communicate through module announcements
  • Deliver content (files, links, slides etc.)
  • Support assessments through a range of tools
  • Connect and integrate other services such as YuJa and Turnitin

For administrators and programme leads

Getting started

All users with dundee.ac.uk accounts can access My Dundee:

You need to be enrolled on Modules and Organisations before you can see and access them. This is usually done automatically for you.

Where to get help

If you are experiencing problems with My Dundee it is a good idea to check your browser settings with the Blackboard Browser checker.

Our Guides

You can find University specific guide on this site.

Vendor Guides

My Dundee is based on Blackboard Learn and you can find a comprehensive set of how to guides on their help pages


If you have a technical issue (for example, error messages, things not working the way you expect problems with logging in) then log a call with Help4u. Your call will be routed to the appropriate team, usually in UoD IT or CTIL, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Your school administrators and module leaders

Many issues you might experience can only be resolved by your school administration or your module leaders. For example: if there’s something wrong with the way a module is laid out or somethings missing – contact your module leader; If you can’t see a module that you expect to see in the course list, then you may need to speak to your school admin as you may not be enrolled.

Updated on 11/03/2024

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