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What is My Dundee?

My Dundee is the University’s primary online learning platform where academics can deliver their modules online in part or in full, and students can access content, activities, assessment and more as part of their studies. The platform is based on Blackboard Learn which provides a modern, stable, flexible environment with a range of tools to support all learning activities. 

What does it do?

As a comprehensive online learning platform (sometimes known as a virtual learning environment, or VLE), My Dundee provides a huge range of functionality for our learning and teaching community. It makes up a significant portion of the University of Dundee’s Digital Campus.

  • Central online hub for your modules
  • Communicate through module announcements
  • Deliver content (files, links, slides etc.)
  • Support assessments through a range of tools
  • Connect and integrate other services such as YuJa and Turnitin

What should I know?

Step 1: Go to my.dundee.ac.uk .

Step 2: From here, you’ll be asked to use the Single Sign On service, including multi-factor authentication, so follow this standard process.

Note: If you are an NHS staff member or you are an external staff member from another university, you may have difficulty when logging in to My Dundee. To resolve this, use an incognito browser.

Step 3: You will now be logged in to My Dundee!

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If you encounter any issues logging in to your university email address or changing your password, please contact Help4U.

Updated on 14/03/2023

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