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Upload a group assignment in Blackboard

What is it?

Your instructor may allocate you and other students to an assignment in Blackboard. This guide will show you how to submit it in My Dundee

What does it do?

You can submit work in Blackboard Assignments as a group in My Dundee. Only one person can submit on behalf of the group, so we recommend that you decide this early. We also strongly recommend that everyone has access to the final item, in case the designated person cannot submit for some reason (internet issues, sudden illness, etc.).

  • Submit a Blackboard assignment as a group
  • Submit on behalf of your group

What should I know?

As of the time of this guide, the vendor has limited the number of submissions for group assignments to 1. Your instructor will be able to delete any accidental uploads allowing you to resubmit, but this will be at their discretion. Make sure you have the final draft and select the correct file before uploading your group work.

Step 1: From your module page in My Dundee, navigate to your Course Content and find your group assignment in the Assessment Area

My Dundee module assessment area highlighting a group assessment

Step 2: View the assessment due date, attempts, maximum marks, which group the assignment is allocated to, and its members.

My Dundee assessment information

Step 3: Select Add Content

My Dundee assessment highlighting the add content button

Step 4: Embed the file that you have created with your group and select Submit

My Dundee assessment highlighting the submit button

NOTE: The button for ‘Save and Close’ DOES NOT submit your work. Neither your instructor nor IT will be able to access anything that is saved rather than submitted. Once you are ready for your work to be turned in officially, you MUST click the button for ‘Submit’. 

Updated on 29/09/2021

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