Create and populate Resource Lists

What is it?

Resource Lists are an online application for instructors, library staff, and students to collaboratively create, manage, and view reading lists for academic courses. Resource lists can contain a diverse range of content, including e-books, podcasts and videos in addition to more traditional mediums such as journal articles and textbooks. 

What does it do?

Resource Lists show the location and availability of print and physical items, giving direct links to electronic books, digitisations, journal articles, websites, and other documents.

It is also through Resource Lists that requests for digitisations and course material purchases, such as physical and electronic textbooks, can be made.

The Resource List is unique to each module in the university and can be accessed by students and staff via Blackboard.

  • Populate a core resource list for your students
  • Populate a recommended resource list for your students
  • Create direct access links to e-books and digital resources
  • Organise your resource lists by topic or by teaching week

What should I know?

Resource Lists are available directly from and from the Library website (dropdown menu from the main search box).

They are also available from within My Dundee modules:

Step 1: Log in to My Dundee and select your module

Step 2: Open the Library Resources Learning Module and find the link for Library: Resource List

Screenshot of a default template with the Library Learning Module open and an arrow pointing at that and at the Resource List link

Step 4: Open the ‘Library: Resource Lists’ item from your module page and ensure that the displayed Resource List corresponds to the module. 

The Library team are happy to assist staff with the management of Resource Lists including: creation of new Resource Lists; amending existing lists; advising on digitisation options; investigating e-textbook availability; explaining e-book licensing models; and any related matters. 

Please direct queries to:

Updated on 08/03/2022

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